Ron Hart is the mastermind and creator of Warrior Tribe and the Warrior Tribe Code.



Back in 1997 I spent a relatively large amount of money for that time and boarded a plane from New Zealand to Taos, New Mexico where I attended a retreat in the mountains held by a modern mystic called Stuart Wilde, it was held over 10 days and this was a total life changer, local legend had it that the local Hopi Indian Shamans used to visit this particular mountain to connect with special information and this retreat opened my eyes to many things. I used this amazing experience as a platform to redevelop (even perhaps reprogram myself) as a more effective human, I started become a more conscious participator in life (taking more responsibility) and not one of what I sometimes call the walking dead, I spent more time with Stuart while he was alive which included attending a retreat at an old Templar castle in France called Journeys in to the Morph where I was given a very special gift and for a few hours and was able to watch and view the Energy Matrix, in recent years I was lucky enough to find another very talented wise and unusual mystic, an eight year connection lead to a quantum leap in my understanding and ultimately to the purchase of a fabulous 20 acre mountain top site and nature reserve in Andalucia, Southern Spain and then the formulation of the Warrior Tribe Code and the Warriors Wisdom retreat.


I have always enjoyed helping people as it makes me feel more alive and for many years it had been my dream to create a teaching that was unique effective and easy to follow, if I hadn't of followed through on my dream I know I would feel that I had unfinished business in the world and would never have been a peace, so I have to admit there is a little bit of a selfish element to this whole thing and I have no hesitation in admitting this. I am the founder of many successful businesses and also a former international sportsman, I have a unique range of skills which I am always very happy to share with people who are serious about creating the life they deserve.

My simple goal with Warrior Tribe and The Warrior Tribe Code is to show individuals regardless of age or situation how to use (sometimes hidden ancient knowledge) to create wiser, happier and more empowered / successful versions of themselves.


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The Tao Mountain Retreat Centre

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